Earth Arts Landscaping Solutions



The Fisher project was a very large structural as well as an aesthetic project designed to maximize a previously unused portion of land in the backyard.
The steep grade provided both challenges from a logistics point of view, but also opportunities to add some very unique structures and features to the landscape.

In spite of the large amount of retaining walls in the landscape, there are no straight walls. The curved retaining walls not only enhanced the overall beauty of the project but they increased the structural integrity of the walls and features.

Three water features highlight the property with one at the front of the house, one on the side, and one built into the second level retaining wall where the statue is located.

The entire backyard landscape has access to gas, utility power, and fiber optic cabling to ensure the usability and functionality for almost any situation.

In considering the future for this landscape, pipe has already been laid for new field lines when the current ones get old and are unusable. The pipes are already in the ground and simply have to be connected.

The homeowner has plans to develop this landscape even further down the steep grade as years go by and this design was created with that in mind. The homeowner can actually drive a car or truck down to the bottom of the property when before, it was not possible.
This means the landscape itself can remain untouched for many, many years to come.


In addition to the terrain, a challenge for the Fisher project was the presence of a working septic system underneath the retaining walls. This meant everything in this project had to be worked by hand, including laying the sod and digging the drainage systems.

The water feature in the second retaining wall had a unique challenge because of its close proximity to the septic system. Extreme care had to be taken when digging out the upper pool in order to avoid rupturing the septic system while still having enough room for the proper size pool to complete the water feature.

Another challenge in this particular project was the timing. The project timeline encompassed 3 months in the fall into winter which is always a rough time of year to take on landscaping and renovating such a large tract of land.

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