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The Carrington Project was one that had a high degree of difficulty with a highly sloped backyard and the homeowner was having a difficult time finding someone to tackle it.

The owner had previously brought in fill dirt to try and create more of a backyard behind his home. Unfortunately, with the dropoff down to the woods below, he was not able to secure very much area with this method.

To keep from constructing a 26 foot vertical retaining wall, we decided to drop the level of the backyard down to about 18 feet. This resulted in the ability to better utilize drainage as well as create an attractive landscape with steps, planters, and other features. Otherwise, the landscape would have looked very plain and ordinary.

The steps and planters lined with retaining walls around the trees were seamlessly added into the design and added to the overall flow of the backyard.


The large 18 foot retaining wall was a large challenge because of the task of holding back all of the weight from the new fill dirt.
The large blocks that are anchoring the bottom of the retaining wall are set 5 feet below the surface to ensure it will hold under the immense pressure.


I would highly recommend Mike Rogers, we are completely satisfied with the job. Mike completed a retaining wall, irrigation system, landscaping including trees and removal of old grass and installation of new sod. Mike's design was unique and accommodating to our landscape. We have thoroughly enjoyed our family friendly yard. Mike and his crew were on time and worked very hard and diligently and the job was completed.

It has been several years since our landscape was completed and we are still pleased with our yard.

Joe H. Carrington

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